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Peace Signs!

Signs of peace in our hearts, homes and the world

Peace Signs, Signs of Peace
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Dedicated to showcasing signs of peace and peace signs all over the world!
Welcome to the most peaceful community on Live Journal!

One of my favorite memories of youth (60's and 70's) is the ever present peace sign. Two fingers held high over head. A peace sign patch on an army surplus back pack. I miss the peace sign. I want to know more about how and where others see signs of peace. Write about peace. Tell about peace efforts all over the world. Post a picture showing a peace sign or a sign of peace. Tell the world what peace means to you.

This community is for mature members (not based on age...but those who handle themselves in a mature manner), but not moderated. Please post items that are user friendly for all who come here.
Questionable material will be deleted and potentially reported.

Weekly themes are coming to peace_signs. Beginning Wednesday, July 23:

Wednesday - Introduce yourself to the group. Basically tell who you are and what your interest is in being in this community.

Saturday - Bonkers! Tell about an event that you heard about recently that is working against peace (with people, places, animals, the earth, etc.)

Monday - Tell a story that brings peace to the mind. It can be funny. It can be thought provoking. It can be poignant. In the end though, it must be peaceful.
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